Year 3/4 at The Centre For Life

Yesterday year 3/4 went to the Centre For Life sceience facility in Newcastle. Our main focus was to learn about how the Vikings navigated around the world over one thousand years ago. We learnt that most (but not all) magnets are man made. The Vikings used natural magnets to create their own compasses, helping them to navigate around Europe. They also used sun stones (on a cloudy day) and the positioning of the sun in the sky to make sure that they travelled in straight lines across giant oceans.

But the Viking Navigators workshop wasn’t the only thing we did! The Dino Jaws exhibition was on! It told us all about lots of different dinosaurs and they looked so real!!! We saw up-close how their teeth and jaws moved to tear, grind and chew food. We dug for virtual fossil evidence to discover what different dinos ate too! It was lots of fun.

We also went into the planetarium where they had a special show on called ‘A View From Space’. It was all about satellites that orbit the Earth. We learnt that not all satellites look out towards the universe – some look down at us and give us detailed images of the Earth.

After lunch, we went into the science theatre. It was amazing! The woman showed us how cool science could be, from purple and green fire, to invisible paintings, to water turning pink then clear again! It was really fun.

That’s not even half of what we did, we visited the curiosity box, we went on the 4D motion ride and we explored the brain box! It was a great day. In fact, more than 3 of us asked Miss Rutherford if we could go back every day!