LKS2 Charlotte’s Web debate!

Today LKS2 held a debate as we just couldn’t agree about who was the main character in Charlottes Web. We had three groups of children with different ideas about who was the main character: Charlotte, Wilbur or Fern.


Charlotte’s group’s main points were:

1. The book is called Charlotte’s Web

2. Charlotte saves Wilbur

3. Wilbur would be dead if it wasn’t for Charlotte

image4. Charlotte makes lovely, glittery webs!

Fern’s Groups main points were:

1. Fern saved Wilbur, if she hadn’t, there would be no story


2. If Fern didn’t save Wilbur, he wouldn’t have met Charlotte

3. If Fern hadn’t saved Wilbur all of the animals on the farm would have been unhappy!

Wilbur Group’s main points were:

1. Wilbur is in every chapter

2. Charlotte and Fern would have no one to save without Wilbur

3. Wilbur has the majority of the dialogue in the story

4. Without Wilbur, the story would last less than a chapter!


We couldn’t come to a general consensus so we decided to read a little more of the story before debating again and deciding!



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