World War 2 artefacts

This term Year 5/6’s topic is ‘Child’s War’ and we will be focusing on the events which happened during World War 2. In English we have started to look at the novel ‘Goodnight Mr.Tom’ and already the children are hooked and producing fantastic work. Throughout our Creative Curriculum lessons we will be looking closely at what life was like for people living during WW2 and the life of a soldier at war during this time. Charlie Howson’s great Grandfather served in the Navy during the war and he kindly brought in some artefacts to show the class. These artefacts included: original medals which his Grandfather received; photographs which were taken whilst out at sea and the actual uniform which he wore whilst representing his country. The children were fascinated by the artefacts and we thank Charlie and his family for kindly bringing them in for us to see.