Year 3/4 at The Centre For Life

Yesterday year 3/4 went to the Centre For Life sceience facility in Newcastle. Our main focus was to learn about how the Vikings navigated around the world over one thousand years ago. We learnt that most (but not all) magnets are man made. The Vikings used natural magnets to create their own compasses, helping them Read more about Year 3/4 at The Centre For Life[…]

Our family tree!

In year 3/4 we have been studying our own family trees and the family tree of Jesus. Together we discussed that Jesus, like us, had a human family who loved and fought just like every other family. As a class we created a family tree naming important people in Jesus’ family.

Making Moving Monsters!

Over the last few weeks we have been looking at levers and linkages in design and technology. Year 3/4 tried their hands at making model monsters that moved! It was really tricky but we tried hard and produced some amazing monsters! Take a look at some of our work below: