Operation Encompass

The children in year 4 had a visit from Jed, an operation encompass officer. We have been learning about healthy and unhealthy secrets. We have learnt some new words and how to spot trouble.


We are learning about non-chronological reports and their features. Today, we have been looking at a report of a werewolf and identifying its features from the things that we have learnt in English.


We have been watching and reading different stories and learning how to identify the different types of tales. We have been working in groups and following a flowchart to decide whether the stories were myths, legend tales or folktales.

Year 4/5 Sandwich Making

Yesterday morning, year 4/5 were given the opportunity to attend a Warburton’s workshop. We learnt all about the eat well guide and how we can make simple changes to our lives to live a healthier lifestyle.  After learning about these different things, we were given the opportunity to make our own sandwiches with a healthy Read more about Year 4/5 Sandwich Making[…]


We are working very hard in guided reading to summarise what we have read. As a class, we wrote a summary of what happened in the chapter of one our books. We completed a summary together that was over 100 words but we decided this was too long. We talked about just mentioning the main points Read more about Reading[…]