Capacity and Volume

IN Year 1 we have been investigating capacity and volume and which measuring jugs and beakers hold the most or least amount of water.  We used words in our investigation such as full, half full, empty, smaller, larger, taller and shorter. We enjoyed our investigation and finding out how to complete the test fairly.  

Year 1 crime scene!

Evil pea has trapped Supertato and his friends in the Year 1 classroom! Year 1 have been investigating the crime scene to write a report to Mrs Fraser about the terrible problem. See our detectives in action!

Welcome back!

Welcome back Year 1! Children have returned with great enthusiasm and keen to learn.   Our learning focus over the next few weeks is ‘Room on the Broom’ and this week we have been looking and the characters in the story and comparing the similarities and differences to characters from other similar books. Children enjoy Read more about Welcome back![…]

Sponsored Walk to Saltwell Park- Y1

Year 1 enjoyed a fantastic day out at Saltwell Park, raising lots of money through sponsors. They walked to the park then enjoyed a variety of activities and played in the playground too. They were very well behaved and everyone was exhausted by the time they got back to school.            Read more about Sponsored Walk to Saltwell Park- Y1[…]