Reception and Key Stage 1 Advent Liturgy!

All of the children from Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 worked brilliantly together in faith, learning and love to prepare and deliver a beautiful Advent liturgy. Children discussed how to prepare our hearts for Christmas- Jesus’ birthday and shared how Mary and Joseph prepared for the birth of Jesus. We asked people going forward Read more about Reception and Key Stage 1 Advent Liturgy![…]

Year 2 Collective Worship!

In Year 2 we have been working in our house teams to plan collective worship. We planned how we wanted people to gather in our worship and the items for our focal point. Children were very brave in delivering their worship to others. Well done to all groups.

Year 5- Class Collective Worship

Year 5 worked superbly as a team to create a collective worship in honour of the New York Terror Attack 31.10.17. The children worked in small groups and each group produced a section of the collective worship. It was a beautiful liturgy with some really thoughtful ideas and words from the children.  

Our family tree!

In year 3/4 we have been studying our own family trees and the family tree of Jesus. Together we discussed that Jesus, like us, had a human family who loved and fought just like every other family. As a class we created a family tree naming important people in Jesus’ family.

Year 1 Easter Afternoon with their parents

As part of the Easter Extravaganza week in school, the children in year 1 invited their parents into school to enjoy some Easter activities with them. The children and parents had a lovely afternoon. They made Easter cards, palms, water base paintings showing the story of Good Friday, salt dough hand prints as well as Read more about Year 1 Easter Afternoon with their parents[…]