In Year 2 we have started to look at comparing length, we compared items around the classroom using the language smaller than and larger than. We have been practising using a ruler to accurately measure and draw straight lines in cm. We have done a brilliant job! Well done everyone.

3D shapes

As a class, we collected items from around the classroom and grouped them into 3D shapes. The children enjoyed finding 3D shapes and working together to determine each shape and name.

Year 5 Visit The Great North Museum

Yesterday Year 5 went to the Great North Museum to consolidate their learning about Space and the Solar System. The children began the day exploring the museum followed by a ‘Mission to Mars’ workshop. After lunch the children visited the Planetarium where they watched a feature called ‘The Fragile Planet’. It was a great day Read more about Year 5 Visit The Great North Museum[…]

Gardening Club!

Over the past 4 weeks our gardening club has enhanced the appearance of the hand rail baskets by planting a mixture of dwarf bulbs and winter pansies. We transferred soil around the trees to create a pocket of colour of mixed bulbs, wall flowers and pansies for a warm welcome to visitors.

Making Moving Monsters!

Over the last few weeks we have been looking at levers and linkages in design and technology. Year 3/4 tried their hands at making model monsters that moved! It was really tricky but we tried hard and produced some amazing monsters! Take a look at some of our work below: