Welcome back year 3/4!

Year 3/4 have come back to Summer Term with their minds racing and ready to work hard! Already they’ve been trying to persuade Miss Rutherford for 100 house points in English and they’ve been finding equivalent fractions in maths! Well done everyone!

Year 3/4 at The Centre For Life

Yesterday year 3/4 went to the Centre For Life sceience facility in Newcastle. Our main focus was to learn about how the Vikings navigated around the world over one thousand years ago. We learnt that most (but not all) magnets are man made. The Vikings used natural magnets to create their own compasses, helping them Read more about Year 3/4 at The Centre For Life[…]

cookery club

Due to outstanding demand for our cookery club, we needed to divide our club into 2 groups. Group 1 began this week. Over the next 3 weeks we have decided to make a 3 course meal starting this week with pumpkin & pepper soup. The children enjoyed learning new skills such as chopping, peeling and Read more about cookery club[…]