PE fun

We are making so much progress in PE. It was great to watch the children have fun and observe the skills that they have learnt. Some of the children led a warm up which was brilliant to see.Β 

Anti-Bullying 2020

We designed odd socks to show we are all different. We discussed how important it is to tell someone if you think you are getting bullied. You can talk to parents, teacher or even a friend who can tell an adult.Β 

Remember Remember the 5th November πŸŽ†

Today we learnt about Guy Fawkes and what he tried to do to King James and the House of Parliament. We sang the rhyme to remember the day and discussed how we celebrate Bonfire Night. In class we celebrated by making our own edible sparklers 🧨 They look delicious. 

Phonics Pong

In phonics today we had to bounce a ping pong ball into a cup with a sound on. When the ball landed in a cup we had to say the sound and then write words on a whiteboard that had the sound in.Β