Google Earth!

Year 1 and 2 have been exploring the world through Google Earth. It is the start of our new Geography topic where we will be learning about maps of the UK, the continents and the oceans of the world. Ask us about what we seen …

Dukeshouse Wood

Year 4 have arrived safely at Dukeshouse Wood and have been busy making our beds, having lunch and abseiling! Next up is den building and fire lighting before tea and camp fire tonight. We will post again after tea.


For our topic focus this term we have been looking at predators and learning all about their habitats, diets, characteristics, etc. We also sketched a predator of our choice, used tissue paper to create a replica and then we used materials to create a 3D proggy mat version.


This term our topic is predators. We have been developing our knowledge of food chains, where predators live and why. Here are some pictures of the children looking at a variety of producers, consumers and predators and making their own food chain.